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Founded in 1998, the Museum of the Everglades chronicles the 2,000 year history and culture of the southwest Everglades region. It is housed in the former Everglades Laundry building, which was built in 1927. A highlight of the museum is the Rob Storter Collection. Storter was a son of a early settler in the area and worked as a commercial fisherman. He was also a talented artist and the collection includes his sketches of the natural environment around him as well as other artifacts of his. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

  • The Museum of the Everglades
The laundry business operated until WWII when it shut down due to lack of people to operate it. After the war it became an office for the Civilian Air Patrol. In 1965, it became the clubhouse for the Everglades Women's Club, which renovated the building. The club donated the building to the county in the early 1990s. Sidney Johnston & Barbara E. Mattick. "Everglades Laundry," National Park Service - National Register of Historic Places. 9-22-01.