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Located on the grounds of the Methodist retreat and conference center, Epworth by the Sea, the Arthur Moore Methodist Museum chronicles the history of the Methodist church and its founders Charles and John Wesley, who lived in England during the 18th century. Georgia history is also covered in the museum. It is named after Methodist Bishop Arthur James Moore, who founded the museum in 1966 (the property itself was bought in 1949). It also serves as the official repository for the Church's history, holding 6,000 books and other items. A highlight is the exhibit dedicated to closed Methodist churches. The museum displays a large number of nativities.

  • The Arthur Moore Methodist Museum.
  • View inside the museum. Many of the nativities can be seen.

Established in 1965 by Georgia's Bishop Arthur J. Moore, the Methodist Museum brought a new day for preservation of Georgia, St. Simons Island and Methodist history. Since 1974, the Museum has been the depository for the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church archival records. Handwritten letters of John Wesley and Francis Asbury, Bishop Moore's rare oriental porcelain collection, Howard Chandler Christy painting of Christ, figurines, communion sets, historic photographs are all there on display for the public to see.

 Located on the banks of the historic Frederica River, Epworth By The Sea is a ministry owned and operated by the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. The property was purchased on October 29, 1949 and the gates opened in 1950. Still to this day the church operates and hosts retreats and camps for anyone who would like to come worship.