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The Medford Historical Society is housed in the historic Kirby's Mill, which was built in 1778 by Isaac Haines and his partners. It named after William S. Kirby who bought it in 1877. It has been restored to its early appearance and efforts are ongoing to make it a functioning mill once again. The mill produced flour and gun powder for the Continental army (not under contract but sold to quartermasters). Under Kirby's ownership, it also produced wheat, buckwheat, rye flour, cornmeal, and chickenfeed. Other mills at the site included a sawmill, shingling mill, carding mill, and a cirder mill. There was also a blacksmith's shop, wheelwright shop. As such, the mill complex was an important social and economic center in the county. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

  • Medford Historical Society, also known as Kirby's Mill
The historical society bought the site in 1969. The site now features the mill, a millner's shop, print shop, carpenter's shop, and a blacksmith's shop. Clyde W. LeVan. "Kirby's Mill," National Register of Historic Places. 8-12-71.