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Built in 1919 and originally located in the center of Macarty Square, this monument honors residents of New Orleans' 9th Ward who served or died in World War I. It was moved to its present location in 1951.

  • City leaders worked to build this monument shortly after the armistice, and this was one of the first World War I monuments to be dedicated in the United States
  • The Time-Picayune, November 9, 1919
The monument has four plaques bearing the names of 1231 soldiers and nurses who served and died in the Great War. Demonstrating the racial norms of the era, white men occur first in a separate section on the monument. The monument laces each name into one of six categories: 
     White Men Killed in Action 
     White Men Who Died in Service 
     Red Cross Nurse, A. E. F. 
     White Men in Active Service 
     Colored Men Who Died in Service 
     Colored Men in Active Service
The Time-Picayune, November 9, 1919,