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Built in 1904 and opened in 1905, this historic ten-room schoolhouse served the city until 1955. Prior to the time of its construction, some of the children in this neighborhood attended classes in a nearby fire station, or in rented rooms throughout the area. The school was one of five two-story brick schools built in the city near the turn of the century, but was unique in the fact that it was not enlarged or modified. As a result, the Providence Preservation Society hoped to preserve the structure, which had suffered from years of neglect. The building had been used as a meeting place for the Veterans of Foreign Wars over the past sixty years, but without the financial backing of a prospective tenant or owner who might finance the needed repairs, the building was demolished in 1996

  • The school was placed on the Providence Preservation Society's Ten Most Endangered Properties List in 1995, but efforts to preserve the building failed.
  • The school was completed at a cost of $57,000. This photo shows children next to the school, and the Africa Street school(built in 1881) in the distance.
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