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Located in downtown Georgetown, the Gullah Museum celebrates the culture of the Gullah people, the descendants of slaves brought here from West Africa and who have lived mostly in the Lowcountry region (South Carolina and Georgia). The museum promotes this history through arts, crafts, artifacts as well as tours and presentations. It was founded by husband and wife, Vermelle "Bunny" and Andrew Rodrigues.

  • The Gullah Museum
  • Bunny and the Michelle Obama Quilt
Bunny is an artist who specializes in creating story quilts and is a South Carolina Community Scholar in the Traditional Arts. Her quilts are on display in museums across the country. She made one for Michelle Obama Michelle and it is now part of the permanent collection at Smithsonian Institution. Andrew is a scholar of Gullah culture and frequently gives lectures on topics such as rice and indigo cultivation, and the many contributions the Gullah people have made in South Carolina.