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Casemate museum showcases the history of the historic Fort Monroe. Fort Monroe was a military establishment from 1609 to its closing in 2011. The Casemate museum which is located on Fort Monroe allows you not only to read history but you will be able to see via through various artifacts and life sized replicas.

  • Jefferson Davis Bedroom
  • Jefferson Davis prison cell
  • Entrance to Casemate Musueum
Casemate museum is free to the general public and reports that Fort Monroe is the largest stone fort in America. It houses the actual room were President Jefferson Davis was held prisoner. You can see how his prison quarters actually looked.  It also has life sized mannequins replicating various scenes that occurred on Fort Monroe

Casemate museum details the rich history of Fort Monroe to include paintings, artifacts and scenes to help explain its rich historical importance.  You will find information regarding President Lincolns visit, Jefferson Davis imprisonment, Robert E. Lee construction projects as well as information regarding how Fort Monroe led the way to the Emancipation Proclamation by allowing runaway slaves to be Contraband of War.

Casemate museum has a Facebook page and very good reviews on the World Wide Web. The museum is self guided, however, guided tours are three dollars per person for groups of ten or more and reservations are required. Image of Jefferson Davis Bedroom Image of Jefferson Davis Prison Cell Image of Entrance to Casemate Museum