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The East End Historic District of Charleston, West Virginia, is a 110-acre section of the East End that contains over 400 historic buildings. District borders are the 1300 block of Kanawha Boulevard and Morris Street on the west, north to Dixie Street, and east to East Avenue (above the State Capitol Complex).

  • Holly Grove Mansion (built 1815), oldest structure in East End Historic District.

Charleston's East End Historic District includes a wide variety of preserved architectural styles. The styles range from Greek Revival, neo-Classical, Georgian, to mid-19th century pre-World War I styles. The oldest building located within the district is Holly Grove Mansion, built in 1815. The beautiful brick home is over 200 years old and has housed prominent members of Charleston, and is still in use. Other notable houses in the district include the Craik-Patton House, MacFarland-Hubbard House, Littlepage Stone Mansion, and Glenwood.

The East End Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. In late 2014, the district was updated to include properties on Lee Street and neighborhoods north of Washington Street to Dixie Street.