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Janesville’s Downtown High School was completed in 1923. This four level school is an excellent model of the Collegiate Gothic Revival-style which was popular between 1919 and 1940.

  • The building as it appears today.
  • Most of the apartments in the old school still boast floor to ceiling windows, blackboards on the wall, and built-in bookcases. The hallways still have lockers!

Janesville High School opened in 1923 for students in grades 7 through 12. Due to the high number of postwar “baby-boom” children, another high school, Joseph A. Craig High School, had to be erected to handle the increased class sizes. In 1955, the Downtown High School became the Janesville Junior High School. The name of the school changed from Janesville Junior High School to Marshall Junior High School, and then became known as Marshall Middle School by the 1970’s. It remained Marshall Middle School until its closure in December of 1996. The building was then renovated and was transformed into the Marshall Apartments in 1999.