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This historic home was built in 1837 by Judge John C. Flanagan. The oldest home in Peoria, this American federalist-style home holds a collection of antiques. Visitors will enjoy the 18th and 19th century clothing, furniture, and other artifacts that are displayed in each of the rooms. The Society also maintains exhibits that share the history of the city through the years as well as the fascinating story of the Peoria distillery industry. The Peoria Historical Society offers tours of the home and its furnishings by appointment.

  • The John C. Flanagan House was built in 1837 and is the oldest standing house in Peoria.
In 1837, John Flanagan, a lawyer from Philadelphia, contracted Native American workers from the from area to build his brick home.  Originally, there was also a sawmill and a kiln on the grounds.  The house sat on a bluff overlooking the Illinois River, which was the very reason Flanagan first fell in love with the Peoria area.  This stunning view can, of course, still be seen from the house today.  

The early 19th-century house is now home not only to the Peoria Chapter of the Daughters of American Revolution, but is also owned by the Peoria Historical Society and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The home is furnished with 18th-century and Victorian era furniture, giving the look of a well-to-do home from the days of the Illinois frontier.  There are also antique collections on display, as well as several exhibits about the history of Peoria.

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