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Pike Field is named for LTC Emory J. Pike. The field is mainly used for parades. Brigade Level Change of Command ceremonies along with static displays are very common occurrences on Pike Field. The Field is best known for the Division Pass and Review during All American Week

LTC Emory J. Pike was from Columbus City, Iowa. LTC Pike was the Division Machine Gun Officer, during fighting near Vandieras on15 September 1918. While on a front line reconnaissance mission, his unit received heavy shelling, which caused disorganizing of advancing infantry units. He reorganized the units, secured the position against attack, and was severely wounded by shellfire when he went to the aid of a wounded Paratrooper.

 As with many military installations Fort Bragg has named several of its buildings, fields, and locations after important military figures from the past. This practice serves to honor the extraordinary achievements of past soldiers and leaders. This practice also teaches new soldiers about the past and the history of their unit and organization, as well as the post they are assigned to.

DIV PAM 600-2. Fort Bragg, NC: 82nd Airborne Division, 2014.