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This wonderful 1970 mural is an ode to communication in all its various forms.

  • The center panel of the mural is known as the "Audience" who are the recipients of the messages sent through the media depicted.

Sculpted out of sand and concrete, world-famous artist Constantino Nivola’s masterpiece is the center of attention at the Bliss Communications building in downtown Janesville. The mural is 1,287 square feet and divided into 33 sculpted panels, each one hoisted into place with great care. Each panel weighs approximately one ton and is about seven inches thick. Nivola started creating these pieces in 1968 and the first of the panels was put up in 1970. The mural is designed to represent the progress of communication from crude cave drawings in the Stone Age, to Arabic letters, and finally to the radio, satellites, and TV that we have today.