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This marker is located near the site of a historic munitions factory that produced small arms for the Confederate army between 1863 and 1864. During that time, the majority of the estimated four hundred breech-loading carbines produced at this location were utilized by Confederate soldiers who were recruited locally and served in units throughout North Carolina. However, a few of the weapons were also sold commercially. Local arms producer Jere H. Tarpley received the patent for his carbine from Confederate officials on February 14, 1863.

  • Confederate Arms Factory Marker.
  • Tarpley Breech-loading Carbine
After being approved for the patent he joined J & F Garrett & Co. to manufacture the carbines. After obtaining a patent from C.S.A he joined J. &F. Garrett & Co. to produce the breech-loading carbine. Mainly supplying state units some were sold commercially, not many due to the factory only constructing a few hundred. The carbine was viewed as hard to service making it not very popular outside of the state.

The carbine's dimensions are 8.5" H x 40" W x 2.25" D. Ammunition for this weapon included a .52 caliber round. The barrel was constructed out of unfinished brass and the stock was made out of wood. A major flaw with the carbine was the gas seal. Unable to prevent the gas from escaping. Every time the carbine was fired it created a bigger separation between the barrel and the breech-block.

Marker Inscription - Confederate Arms Factory - The Tarpley breech-loading carbine was manufactured by Tarpley, Carrett & Co. at the site of the old Pioneer Foundry, located 300 yards east. Jere A. Tarpley received a patent from the Confederate Government for the carbine of February 14, 1863. In partnership with J & F Garrett, he produced carbines for the state of North Carolina and the Confederate States of America. It is believed over 400 carbines were produced during 1863 and 1864. - Erected January 19, 1988 by Col. John Sloan Camp, 1290 Sons of Confederate Veterans.
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