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From its inception in 1998, the Crow Collection has introduced visitors to Asian art and culture through exhibits and educational programs. The Crow Collection is one of only a few museums in the US dedicated solely to Asian art and culture. The museum welcomes about 80,000 visitors each year and has had over one million guests from the time of its opening. Including a meditative sculpture garden and community, inclusive special events, the Crow Collection is a way to incorporate Asian art into everyday life.

Crow Collection Meditation fountain

Crow Collection Meditation fountain

The Crow Collection has a considerable number of offerings to introduce and engage guests and patrons in the wonders of Asian art. For example, the Crow Collection After Dark is a program held monthly that highlights Asian culture, such as music, dance, film, specialty tours and more. The museum also hosts lectures designed to educate through immersion and provide deeper understanding of Asian culture and art.

Partner Programs are the Crow Collection’s means to share their passion with like-minded organizations, and includes not only adult programs, but both the Kid’s Clubs and Adventure Asia programming. Special events are also ongoing, as the Crow Collection Gallery engages traveling exhibits that have an Asian art theme, and include such programming as Family Yoga at the Park, or in the Collection Galleries, depending on weather and other variables.

 Allow your children to reach across the Pacific, as they engage in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the various cultures and art forms of Asia. Not only by experiencing the art second-hand, children experience such projects as art-making, yoga, and Asian cuisine. Programs are generally held in June, so check with the facility for more details.

Educators are encouraged to become involved with a variety of programming options, such as the “Crow and the Classroom” workshops, group tours, the Asia Connect Program, and Lotus Learners. Contact the museum for more details.

The Crow Collection also has a sculpture garden, perfect for meditation, and finding serenity within the city limits, among a fusion of ancient and modern Asian sculptures.  

As each person approaches art differently, the Crow collection has a broad array of tour choices to explore. Art & Discovery, Art & Making, Art& Movement, Art& Thinking, as well as Samurai Ties Two and the Monks & Mandalas tours are all available, as well as self-guided and even ASL (American Sign Language) tours for the deaf are among the options. Additionally, regularly scheduled public tours are held on Saturdays at 1:00 pm, or specialized custom tours can be arranged

Do note also, that as Asian religion and philosophy is integral to understanding their cultural art that the discussion on tours will necessarily touch on those topics, but that the Crow Collection does not espouse or support any particular religious belief or philosophy.

The museum also has facilities for rental, for events from corporate meetings to elaborate weddings. The museum also offers self improvement and wellness programs throughout the week, be sure to check into these events through the Crow Collection Website for the particulars. These include guided meditation, qigong sessions. Wellness classes, Yoga and asana practices.

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