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The Hall of Flame Fire Museum has almost an acre of fire history exhibits with over 90 fully restored pieces of fire apparatus on display dating from 1725 to 1969. Most of the equipment is from the United States, but there a a few items from England, France, Austria, Germany, and Japan. The museum has five exhibit bays and the National Firefighting Hall of Heroes gallery. There is also a hall dedicated to the history of Wildland Firefighting in the United States.

  • George Getz, Jr. at the wheel of his 1924 American La France engine; his first acquisition.
Lake Geneva, WI. 1956.
  • George Getz, Jr. in 1989, with the Hall's 1931 Ahrens Fox Type N Engine from North Tarrytown, NY.
  • Museum entrance, n.d.
  • National Firefighting Hall of Heroes, n.d.
  • A 1952 American La France Model 700 fire engine from Miami, Arizona is available for boarding by visitors.  n.d.
George F. Getz, Jr. Founded the Hall of Flame in 1961 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. He organized the National Historical Fire Foundation as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization to promote the programs of the museum. 

Mr. Getz began collecting firefighting apparatus after receiving the gift of a 1924 American la France fire engine from his wife on Christmas Day, 1955. This was the beginning of his collection.

The Getz family continues to support the goals of the Historical Fire Foundation, which are:
1. The collection, preservation and exhibit of objects relating to the history of firefighting;
2. Fire safety education; and, 
3. the recognition of firefighters who have died in the line of duty, or who have been recognized for acts of heroism. 

In 1970, the Getz's relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona, and the collection was moved here. In 1974 the Hall of Flame opened its present building in Phoenix's Papago Park adjacent to the Phoenix Zoo and Phoenix Municipal Stadium.

The Hall has grown from its original single gallery to five exhibit galleries, the National Firefighting Hall of Heroes, the museum store, a theater, a restoration shop, a collection storage building, and administrative offices. 

The Hall's present size is 70,000 square feet, with 35,000 square feet of exhibit galleries. The collection has grown to over 130 wheeled pieces and thousands of smaller artifacts. Museum galleries are available to rent.

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