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Happiness Tower, originally known as The Placid Tower, was built and opened in 1960. The name of the tower has been changed many times. Happiness Tower is 270 feet tall and was the tallest concrete building of its time when opening. Due to attendance issues, the tower has been closed down many times over the years, reopening for the last time in 1986 and managing to stay open until the early 2000s and it has been closed to the public ever since. Happiness Tower is one of three tourist towers build on Central Florida's ridge. This website details the history and building information about Happiness Tower. This website also compares Happiness Tower to the other towers in Florida, such as Citrus Tower and Bok Tower. I found this website through This website provides basic information about Happiness Tower, such as the address and a brief description from someone who lives in Florida. I found this website through while looking for the correct address of Happiness Tower.