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In 1881, 600 acres were purchased with the intentions of developing Winter Park. Today Winter Park thrives as a local and tourist hotspot. With Park Avenue consisting of many restaurants and shopping boutiques, many people flock to his street frequently.

"History | City of Winter Park." City of Winter Park ICal. N.p., n.d. This article goes into detail about the history of winter park from the first settlers in 1858 to present day winter park with 28,486 residents. Winter park is known for the brick-lined streets, vibrant lakes and fine shopping center down Park Avenue. This article explains how originally winter park was named as Lakeview then to Osceola and finally to Winter Park. "History of Winter Park." Park Avenue Winter Park RSS. N.p., n.d. This site provides incite of when to men Chase and Chapman drew plans for the city of Winter Park. The town was designed around the lakes with homes, hotels, churches, and schools. Later on the shopping phenomenon was developed in Downtown winter park on Park Avenue. After WWII Winter Parks population began to really boom and has continued to grow since then.