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Senior Hall was dedicated as the second Normal School women's dormitory on July 9, 1920. While today there is a walkway, in the early days, D Street and automobile traffic passed in front of the building. The hall was used as a dormitory until 1971.

  • Senior Hall opened in 1920
  • Remodeled Senior Hall front 2010
  • Second floor lounge in 1947
  • Senior Hall 1959

The hall opened in 1920, but the third floor work was not completed until 1925 due to financial problems.

Senior Hall was built as a three-story brick, U-shaped design with two entrances with cast-iron canopies at the front, very similar to Monroe Hall. Within the U, was a sheltered courtyard.

During World War II, Red Cross bandage rolling rooms were located in Senior and Monroe Halls. Eastern Washington College students established a bandage rolling, all-campus, organization in January 1943, under the direction of Miss Cecil Dryden. Student organizations and community clubs competed to roll the most bandages per quarter.

In 1959, room and board at Senior Hall was $140.00 per quarter for a single, $132.00 per quarter for a double, and $125.00 per quarter for a triple room.

The building was declared unfit for student housing because of outdated wiring and fire safety measures in 1971 and converted to office space.

In 2006, Senior Hall underwent an extensive renovation, that filled in the U at the rear of the building with classrooms. That renovation added a new front entrance, but kept most of the other exterior features of the original hall. Much of the interior of the building was altered in the remodel and modernization of the building, though historical elements can be found throughout.

The renovation did restore much of the elegant second floor lounge with its maple floors, wood paneled entries, and wood arch. The original hearth with brick fireplace and wood mantle was restored.  Below the mantle is a plaque inscribed In memory of Mary Newton - 1964 - Afternoon literary of Tilicum.

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