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Outdoor theater on Historic 25th street in Ogden Utah. Construction of the theater was completed on October 30, 2001. Host to the Twilight Concert series, and other musical attributes throughout the year.

Ogden Christmas Village

Ogden Christmas Village

Ogden Amphitheater

            The people of Ogden Utah take great pride in the attractions their city has to offer. From Historic 25th Street to the Rodeo Grounds, one such loved attraction, which offers a wide selection of musical entertainments, is the Ogden Amphitheater. Located at 343 East 25th Street, this particular Historical 25th Street attraction offers the community; Twilight Concert Series, Tunes at Noon, Ogden Arts Festival, and the Ogden Christmas Village.

The Theater is an exciting and family friendly space to visit while in the Ogden area. It is an outdoor amphitheater used for family entertainment.  Construction for the theater was completed on October 30, 2001.  Located on Historic 25th Street it is part of the Municipal Gardens Park.  The theater is in a horseshoe configuration with a covered stage at the center.  It has a total 273 fixed seats that spread across the front of the large stage.  The amphitheater also has a large grassy area which provides extra seating and events.  This city landmark is available for both public and private parties and events, you can visit their website for reservation details and agreement forms.

In the years since the completion, the amphitheater has hosted numerous events, concerts, and festivals.  In the warmer months the amphitheater offers a Monday movie night, Tunes at Noon, and many other free summer concerts.  Every Saturday during the peak of summer and area around the amphitheater, particularly 25th street, hosts an annual farmers market.  

Current events to be hosted are the light parade and the Capital Christmas Tree tour.  In December many gather to view the Ogden Christmas Village, Christmas music, and Hot Chocolate along with the many restaurants and shops to be found within the block.  Within village one can find; models of Santa’s workshop, North Pole Post Office, and other North Pole and Christmas community buildings.

            You can find information on the Ogden Amphitheater at their website; or check them out on Facebook. Their site has a list of all the upcoming events and information regarding rental agreements for the amphitheater under the information tab. With great acoustics, the theater is an amazing option for any musical or play related event.

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