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Ritter Park

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The Ritter Park Stone Circle is one of the finest examples of the rusticated stonework found throughout the park. These stone retaining walls, boundary markers, and landscape features were constructed around 1932 in a rusticated style. Despite their unpolished appearance, great care was put into the stonework, and there has been little deterioration over almost one hundred years of existence. The Works Progress Administration worked on Ritter Park, and typically worked in the rusticated style seen here, making it likely WPA volunteers were the builders. This particular stone area might have once been a part of the Rose Garden, perhaps as an event space. In looking to help the park keep up with the needs and wants of today’s citizens, the Greater Huntington Park & Recreation District began a 2015 campaign to install permanent game boards in the circle so that parkgoers can play chess, checkers, or other games.

Ritter Park Stone Circle.

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