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Ritter Park

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The Ritter Park Amphitheater is a 1,500 seat outdoor venue. It was constructed circa 1932 by Works Progress Administration volunteers. The site was chosen by Gus Wofford, the park’s landscape architect, as it was tucked away from the main road, near the rose garden, and at the bottom of a small valley. At first, the amphitheater consisted solely of a simple stone stage. Seating was informal and primarily consisted of the upward sloping hill in front of the structure. In 1977, the amphitheater was expanded to include a brick and aluminum stage shell, and an enclosed backstage. The venue was again renovated in 2011, which did little to change the functionality of the stage but updated the aesthetics and improved structural stability. The Ritter Park Amphitheater continues to be used for a variety of events throughout the year, including the Outdoor Community Theater program, Ritter Live Concert Series, and the Huntington Music & Art Festival.

The Ritter Park Ampitheater.

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Another view of the amphitheater.

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