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The Penguin was a drive-in resturaunt in Manitowoc, WI until it closed in 2012.The Penquin was demolished to make way for the Hardees early in the morning of Monday, November 19, 2012

  • Demolition of the Penguin in 2012
The Penguin, it seems, began as Harold and Leila Weyer's roadside custard stand in 1936. The couple showed free drive-in movies behind the stand to attract customers. In the mid-'40s, the Weyers ditched the food stand and opened a drive-in. The name, "Penguin," was chosen to trade on the popularity of the signature custard. The drive-in building burned in 1961, but was replaced that year. Indoor seating was added in 1973, which allowed the building to stay open year-round. Gradually, the business evolved into a family restauran