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The Hermosa Beach Historical Society and museum is located in former wood shop and girl's locker room areas of Pier Avenue Junior High. The museum holds approximently 3,500 archival items and artifacts, and it features exhibits on the local beach culture, urban, and music history.

Located in the former wood shop and girl's locker room areas of  Pier Avenue Junior High (present-day Hb Community Center), The Hermosa Beach Museum holds approximately 3500 items includes photographs, postcards, newspapers, prints, ephemera and three dimensional artifacts. The Museum uses its collection for exhibitions, educational programs, study and research, loans and reproduction. Features include early Gabriellino Indian fish hooks, Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame collection, and examples of surfboards from the earliest wooden design to the current state of the art boards. The Museum is also home to several paddle boards, an aquaplane board, an early Strand cruiser many other items relating to the history of Hermosa Beach. 


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