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The Congregational Church was dedicated by the Reverend Cushing Eells December 11, 1881.

  • First Congregational Church at the corner of F and 4th streets, about 1890.
  • Reverend Cushing Eells established Congregational churches throughout eastern Washington Territory.

The Congregational church was organized by Reverend Cushing Eells on February 20, 1881 in a hotel room over a bar in the new town. 

The members paid for and dedicated their first, wooden, church building on 4th Street near the corner with F on December 11, 1881.  

The 30’ x 50’ building had a 10’ x 10’ tower 75’ high.  

The church could seat 300 people and had a 500lb bell donated by Rev. Eells. 

First Congregational Church 40th Anniversary 1881 - 1921