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Site of the signing of Kentucky's Constitution in 1792. Tour log cabin meeting houses, courthouse, jail, Grayson's Tavern Welcome Center and oldest post office building in the west. Walk around Governor's Circle, a memorial for Kentucky's governors. Shop at the Gift Shop and visit the Antique shop, Art Gallery and Historical Society Museum. Guided tours are available for groups. $1.50 per person for guided tours; please make arrangements by appointment two weeks in advance for guided tours.Open 7 days a week. Hours 9am-5pm.

  • Site of the signing of the 1792 Kentucky constitution.

Constitution Square Historic Site is a 3-acre (0.012 km2) park and open-air museum in Danville, Kentucky. From 1937 to 2012, it was a part of the Kentucky state park system and operated by the Kentucky Department of Parks. When dedicated in 1942, it was known as John G. Weisiger Memorial State Park, honoring the brother of Emma Weisiger, who donated the land for the park. Later, it was known as Constitution Square State Shrine and then Constitution Square State Historic Site. On March 6, 2012, the Department of Parks ceded control of the site to the county government of Boyle County, Kentucky, and its name was then changed to Constitution Square Historic Site.

The park celebrates the early political history of the U.S. state of Kentucky. It features replicas of three buildings that stood on the original city square, including the courthouse that housed ten constitutional conventions between 1785 and 1792; these conventions ultimately led to Kentucky's separation from Virginia. It also includes the original building that housed the first U.S. post office west of the Allegheny Mountains and several other early 19th century buildings of historical import. The site comprises the majority of the Constitution Square Historic District which was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 2, 1976. Among the annual events held at the site are the Great American Brass Band Festival and the Kentucky State Barbecue Festival. 1

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