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The Evergreen Plantation is listed as the most intact plantation complex in the South. It was built mostly in 1790 and renovated to it's current architectural style in 1832. The home was a working sugar plantation until the Depression of the 1930s when the house was abandoned. In the 1940s the plantation was extensively restored. Evergreen Plantation consists of 37 buildings. It features 22 slave cabins that are arranged in double rows. In 1992 it was declared a National Historic Landmark. Evergreen Plantation joins Mount Vernon and Gettysburg in being granted landmark status for it's agricultural acreage. This plantation is privately owned now and sugar cane is still grown there. The pictures of Evergreen Plantation are truly beautiful so I encourage a walking tour if you are in the area!

For movie buffs, some scenes from the movie Django Unchained were filmed at Evergreen Plantation. Tours are given Monday-Saturday at 9:30, 11:30, and 2:00. For more information visit the home page listed or call 1-985-497-3837.