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War Veteran's Memorial Park was established on April 6, 1974, preserving 122 acres of land which offer trails and a wide variety of activities, such as canoeing, hiking, and fishing, that may be utilized by visitors in addition to the memorial. The logo of this memorial, as well as others within Florida, features a "V"-shaped eagle and a 3-cent postage stamp.

Memorial flags/ statue from War Veteran's Memorial Park

Memorial flags/ statue from War Veteran's Memorial Park

During World War II, this area of Florida was home to several training bases while the nearby ports were essential for shipping. In addition to bases, Floridian agriculture was utilized in the war, while civilians rationed their food and products. By the end of the war, 3,540 Floridian soldiers had given their lives for their country. The war years saw substantial economic growth, as well as a forty percent increase in its population. 

War Veterans Memorial Park features a hiking and canoeing trail, shelters, playgrounds, and Lake Seminole, as well as a monument honoring each branch of the military around a sundial.

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