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Located on the northwest corner of Mission Ave. and Main Street, the bank was built in 1856, later becoming the Sarpy County Courthouse. Its use in this capacity ended when the county seat was moved to Papillion in 1875. It was later used as the Bellevue City Hall.

This structure was built in 1856 as the Fontenelle Bank, a "wildcat" bank that failed in the Panic of 1857.
     The building later served as the Sarpy County Court House from 1861 to 1875, when the county seat was moved to Papillion.  It served thereafter as Bellevue's town Hall until 1959. Fontenelle  Bank is a rare Nebraska example of transitional Greek Revival - Italianate styling.  It is possibly the oldest commercial building, as well as the oldest public building, in Nebraska.
     Few exterior alterations appear to have been made to this building since its construction in 1856. It is a modest, two story structure. The original bank vault remains intact on the first floor. The bank was purchased in 1961 by a local preservationist and was subsequently sold to the City of Bellevue, who maintains several historical buildings in Bellevue.
Archival files: Sarpy County Museum