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Currently unoccupied. Constructed in 1890, the building has hosted many businesses over the years, including Ringo Bros. Garage, Lon Linder's Garage, and Russell and James Gang Gun Shop.

207 Main Street Parkville, MO

207 Main Street Parkville, MO
The first occupant was J.A. Bellar. In 1920, George P. and Victor C. Ringo purchased the building and opened Ringo Bros. Garage. They enlarged the building and included a filling station. They also sold automobiles, trucks, and tractors. The Ringo Bros. operated until 1922 when Joseph Brown opened a carpentry shop in the south half of the building. From 1922-1923, Lon Linder's Garage occupied the building. In 1924, a new filling station was opened in the building.1
1Parkville City Hall records