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Located just off the southwestern corner of the original historic quad, the Dr. W. F. Robinson Memorial Infirmary is a rustic stone building that commemorates Dr. Willard Filmore Robinson and his contributions to Mars Hill University. Dr. Robinson was the campus physician from 1929 to 1933 and was also one of the college trustees, serving from 1898 to 1933. The building was funded in part by Mrs. Flora Harding Robinson, the wife of Dr. Robinson and the chair of Mars Hill College's mathematics department. The building was designed by Henry Irven Gaines, an architect responsible for designing several other buildings on campus.

  • W.F. Robinson Infirmary
  • Dr. W.F. Robinson
  • W.F. Robinson Infirmary postcard from the Southern Appalachian Archives.
The Dr. W. F. Robinson Memorial Infirmary was built to honor Dr. Willard Filmore Robinson, who lived from 1868 to 1933. Dr. Robinson was a trustee of Mars Hill College from 1898 to 1933 and served as the campus physician from 1929 to 1933. The building is located on the campus of Mars Hill University.

After his passing, Dr. Robinson's wife Flora Harding Robinson donated $2,500 dollars for the construction of the memorial building. Mrs. Harding was the chair of the mathematics department at Mars Hill College. School historians claim that Mrs. Robinson's $2,500 donation was matched by the faculty of Mars Hill, providing the necessary funds for construction.

The memorial building was designed by architect Henry Irven Gaines, who also designed several buildings across campus. The Edna Moore Stroup, Wall, Nash, and Myers buildings were all designed by Gaines, making him responsible for many campus structures. The memorial infirmary was completed in 1935, and the university still uses the building for medical functions today.

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