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The Eureka Sentinel Museum is housed in the 1879 Eureka Sentinel Newspaper Building. This structure was used as the Newspaper Office and residence from 1879 until 1960. The ground floor of the building was made into a county historical museum in 1982. In June of 2000, the museum expanded to include both floors of the building. The Eureka Sentinel Museum interprets the history of Eureka. On the ground floor you will find a complete press room from the 1800s complete with posters that were printed by the Eureka Sentinel and then plastered on the press room walls. All of the press equipment is original. See how a newspaper was printed in the boom days of Eureka. In the mining history room, you will see tools from the early days of mining, as well as historic stock certificates, ledgers, and personal miners items. The Lead & Silver strikes in the 1860s were the beginning of Eureka. On the second floor, you will be treated to exhibits depicting school life in the early days of Eureka, parlor, and kitchen with many items that you will remember from grandma's house. There are items from the many fire companies, Fraternal organizations and military uniforms from the first and second world wars. As you walk down the upstairs hall, you will look through a window to see the late 1800s Eureka Barber Shop, complete with an oak barber chair. Don't miss the gift shop where you can purchase books about Eureka's history, soap and pottery made right here in Eureka, or get that special gift that says to your friends that you visited Eureka, Nevada.

  • Built in 1879 to hold the offices of the town's newspaper, this historic building is now home to a local history museum.