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Since 1972, the Impression 5 Science Center has been educating children and families in downtown Lansing. The Center gets more than 120,000 a year. The Science Center is an interactive space that encourages hands-on play and participation. It offers a variety of special programming as well.

  • Impression 5 Science Center has been educated children in Lansing, Michigan since 1972.

The Center’s name refers to the five senses and guests have the opportunity to engage each of the senses during a visit. Its purpose is to encourage scientific exploration among children. It moved to its current location in 1982 and has served more than 3 million visitors since it began.

The exhibit area is more than 25,000 square feet and includes more than 12 different exhibits. There is also a special chemistry lab and facilities for school groups, parties and other special events. Impression 5 is a nonprofit organization that also has a mobile science lab for outreach purposes.

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