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Monmouth County Historical Association collects, preserves, and interprets an extensive museum, library, and archival collection that relates to Monmouth County's history and culture. MCHA promotes the study and appreciation of regional and national history through educational programming, publications, special exhibits, and research services. MCHA also preserves and interprets five historic house museums in Monmouth County.

Monmouth County Historical Association

Monmouth County Historical Association
Founded in 1898, Monmouth County Historical Association has been collecting and preserving history for over a century!  MCHA is the perfect destination for teachers, students, researchers and history lovers alike.  Our museum is open to the public from Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am-4 pm.  From May through September we also have our five historic house museums open for tours as well.  

Travel through history in our current exhibition Hartshorne: Eight Generations and their Highlands Estate Called Portland or relive the Battle of Monmouth in The Memorable Sabbath-Day: The Battle of Monmouth in Drawings, Paintings, and Prints.  Stay up to date on all of our programs via Facebook or by subscribing to our newsletter. 
Come explore our exhibitions, or spend time in our library delving into our collection.  Talk with our librarians or our archivist about a special project you are working on to see if we have just the right record.  Teachers, looking for a way to bring history in to the classroom? Talk to us about our traveling Trunk Program, or arranging a visit!