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The memorial was dedicated in honor of local World War I veterans and features the figure of Joan of Arc constructed of zinc with a granite base. The base of the statue bears an inscription from Deprato Foundry Co. and an unsigned Founder's mark. The base includes a bronze plaque carved with the names of the Boys of St. Peter’s Parish, Mount Clemens, Michigan.

  • The front view of the World War I monument statue.
  • Side view of St. Peters Parish World War I monument
  • Bronze plaque with the names of those that fought in World War I
  • St. Peter's Church, the monument is located in the rear yard of the church.

The monument features a full-size statue of Joan of Arc wearing full armor and looking towards the sky with a flag pole is topped with fleurs-de-lis in her right hand. Joan of Arc is depicted with a a shield on her left and a sword and crown with the shield tip touching the ground and spiked club at her feet. On the front of the base of the statue is a bronze plaque inscribed in the memory of The Boys of St. Peter’s Parish, Mount Clemens, Michigan who served their country in the world war 1917-1918.  

World War I started after  Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assassinated in 1914.  The war involved the Central Powers; Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire, they battled with the Allied Powers: Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Romania, Japan and the United States.  By the end of WWI in 1918 more than 40 million people were dead, soldiers and civilians. The St. Peter’s WWI Memorial is just one of many monuments that were erected to honor and remember those that fought and died in the war. 

The bronze plaque on the front of the monument is engraved with the following; 


It then lists the names of those that served and died;

Lieut Bauman F.J.  Ensign John C.A.  Lieut Devriese E.  Ensign Beyne H.L.  Lieut Irwin J.   Lieut Roskopp G.F.  Alband F.M.  Ameel A.A.  Baert J.  Ballantine C.E.  Ballard P.J.  Bauman A.E.  Bauman R.A.  Bauman W.A.  Beine A.A.  Benbennick F.A.  Benoit P.A.  Blaisdell E.J.  Boyer R.E.  Bogue W. J.  Bouley U.  Bremler A.  Byrnes M.  Champine A.  Charbeneau A.J.  Charboneau A.J.  Cottrell L.  Crocker H.M.  Dalby M.H.  DeHate E.  DeHate V.  Deslover H.  Deslover M.  Desot J.  Dreimiller E.L.  Dubay B.  Dubay C.  Dubay B.E.  Dubay J.A.  Dubay N.  Dubay P.I.  Dunn C.  Ebearts E.  Eckhout A.  Ebearts T.  Eckhout J.  Forton A.E.  Forton J.J.  Forton L.M. Forton R.G.  Furton J.B.  Gatz W.  Georgeski F.  Gooley F.  Gosla L.  Goulette H. A.  Goulette A.  Govaere B.  Gouvaere A.  Greiner J.N.  Guespin M.  Guiette L.E.  Hartway L.  Hibbert W.P.  Hupert .A.  Janecer J.  Jock J.A.  Jock R.  Keidel F.  Kerblewski C.  Killewald C.  Labadie F.  LaCroix C.H.  LaCroix M.  LaCroix R.L.  Lacroix S.G.  LaPointe R.W.  Laturno G.E ~ Lee S. A. ~  LeFerve C.A.~ LeFerve C. I. ~ LeFerve M.D. ~ Leferve J.  Leferve W. J. ~ Leferve L. E. ~ Lozen W.~  Lozen A.C. ~ Mcinerny R.A.~  McSweeney J.  Massack M.~  Malfait J. ~ Martell E.J.~  Martell M.J. ~ Meldrum C.J. ~ Meldrum H.L.  Meldrum L.M. ~ Meldrum E.~  Menter A. ~Menter A. ~ Miller C. ~ Moore H. ~ Moore P.  Moore R. ~ Moore R.~  Moore W. ~ Mulhbauer J. C. ~ Mulso A.B. ~ Mulso J.J. ~ Murr M.H.  Neales W. ~ Neiser F. ~ Nicke E.~  Nicke O.A. ~ Obricht W.L. ~Ormerod A. ~ Oser J. ~Paya B. ~ Parisot M.A. ~ Pingel G. ~ Peltier C. ~ Peltier E.A.~  Peltier V. J. ~ Peltier H.L. ~ Petier W.E.~  Peltier W.H. ~ Pequignot F.C. ~ Pequignot H.J. ~ Prevost L. ~ Prevost R.  Quinn L. ~ Rattell H. ~Risk O.E. ~ Rivard G.E. ~ Rivard H. ~ Roskopp B.J. ~ Rosso H.W.  Rutten E.J. ~ Rutten W.A. ~ Sears M. ~ Smith F.J.~  smith R.~  Smith R.J. ~ Socia C.J. ~ Socia O.H. ~ Socia C. ~ Sykora P. ~ Tebo J.H. ~ Tebo A. ~ Theisen S. ~ Thomas g.L. ~ Thomas J. ~Thomas J.E.~  Thomea M. ~ Thomes W. ~ Trombley A. ~ Trombley R.A. ~ Tucker A.C. ~ Tucker R.J. ~ Turcotte V.L. ~ Vandenbossdhe W. ~ Vanlandeghem B.  

Military personnel that was injured; Bondy E.,  Dubay A., Forton E.F., Forton RJ. , Londrow A.  Newman L.J.,  Nicke J.  Tucker A.J.  

Military personnel that died;  DeVrilse H., Forton A.C., LaForge E.P., McGovern T.  Peltier E.  

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