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Aldie Mill is Virginia's only known mill powered by tandem water wheels. The complex consists of the merchant mill, country mill, granary and store house. The mill hums all the time. There is a grinding noise e on the original French burr stones which shows visitors a look of Loudoun County's past that was completely filled with agriculture. President James Monroe who was a customer of the mill was once loaned $5 by the miller. During the Civil War the mill provided grain for both Federal and Confederate troops. The mill at the eastern gateway to the Mosby confderacy stood and watched to the 1863 Battle of Aldie which was a the start to Gettysburg. Aldie Mill annually sponsors a major regional art show, the ALDIE MILL ART SHOW & SALE for the benefit of the Mill. The show is held each Fri., Sat, & Sun in September from 11 am to 6pm.