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The Battle of Crooked River was another skirmish between the members of the Mormon Church and Missourians. The battle took place in Ray County, Missouri southeast of Elmira. The battle gave further reason for Governor Lilburn Boggs to issue 'Extermination Order 44.'

After the Latter-day Saints established communities in Caldwell and Daviess Counties, the LDS were for sure that they found a place to live without anyone bothering them. However, in August 1838, they were found once again. At the Crooked River, that runs through Elmira, Missouri, a battle was brewing that made the LDS leave Missouri. The state militia took many Saints and held them at their camp. There was a rescue company of LDS militia that came to rescue them. On October 25,1838, there was an extremely brutal battle. One of the Saint’s Apostles, Elder David W. Patten, was killed.

            The battle encouraged Governor Lilburn W. Boggs to issue the “Extermination Order” on October 25 and declared “The Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the State if necessary, for the public peace.” This is an important site because this was another reason why Boggs sent out the “extermination order.” The Mormons were being forced out of Missouri just for the fact that their beliefs were different than the majority.