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The house was built by Whitney Tarkington in 1847 and was purchased by the Mockbee family in 1859. It has a gable roof full porch, two story concrete columnns, and a half-round one story brick entry. The house also has two brick chimneys, one on each side of the house. Although many renovations have been done to it, it still has many original factors to it making it a rarity for the area. It is located at 105 N Price Ave, Harrisonville, Missouri, 64701. In the fall of 1861, the Mockbee’s threw a 16th birthday party for their daughter Martha. In attendance were Cole Younger, infamous Confederate guerilla and co-leader of the James-Younger gang, his sister Sally Younger, and Union Captain Irwin Walley. Despite his marriage, Captain Walley took a liking to that of Sally Younger and requested a dance from her.. She denied him, but he persisted. Cole Younger confronted Walley, and stirred him up. After this altercation, Cole Younger was told to leave home by his father. After he left he joined up with William “Bloody Bill” Quantrill and his Confederate guerrilla forces This home holds but a small bit of history of one of the more famous Confederate guerillas. This one night at the Mockbee House can depict similar situations that families faced during the time of the Civil War. A time of distrust and conflict between everyone, even in social circumstances. What was supposed to be a time of celebration and fun was turned into a fight in a matter of seconds.

  • The Mockbee House
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