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The Union Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in Great Falls, Montana, is one of the first built and longest- used churches for African-Americans in Montana and is crucial because it represents Blacks efforts to grow their community in the west. The church played a crucial role in the development of the Great Falls' Black community. After the emancipation of Blacks after the Civil War many freedman and women joined the nation migration west. The Union Bethel African Methodists Episcopal church was a monumental fixture in the Black community, and served as one of the first landmarks in the west where Blacks could congregate freely. The Union Bethel Church served as a diverse social and civil fixture in the Black community. The women of the church formed organizations to benefit the church and the community, including a Ladies' Aid society and a missionary group. Later some of the women in the Church formed the Dunbar Art and Study Club, which promoted literacy and did much to promote civil rights. In the 1950s the church reached a turning point when Black airmen brought in new Black residents. The Union Bethel AME Church is an interesting landmark in African- American history. Its location in Great Falls, Montana truly captures how wide spread the freedom movement in America was. The church was truly an important aspect of the Black community and served as a communal dwelling place of the Black residents of the area. So if you want a unique experience of African-American history, come to the Union Bethel AME Church.