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Construction on the Fire Chief's Home was funded by donations from the City's firemen and through public subscription. It was the first fire department in the country to have a separate building for its chief to live in. It was built to honor Chief Engineer Dennis Sullivan who died during the earthquake of 1906. At the time of the earthquake, Chief Sullivan was living at the fire engine house on Bush street, just a few blocks east of where the Chief's Home would be constructed.

After Chief Sullivan died during the earthquake of 1906, a fund of over $15,000 was raised to build a memorial in his memory. It was decided that a home should be built for the Fire Chief to replace the temporary shack that had been used since the earthquake. In the center of the building is a bronze tablet dedicated to the fallen chief. 

A marker in front of the firehouse reads:

"San Francisco's fireman were the unsung heroes of the great disaster of 1906. Leaderless because Chief Dennis Sullivan had been fatally injured by the quake, with indomitable courage they battled for three days and nights the flames that were consuming the city.

Dedicated by Chapter No. 1 of the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus, September 27, 5991 (1986)."

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