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The Civil War museum in Bardstown is the fourth largest Civil War museum in the United States. They are the only ones to have a section dedicated to the women of the Civil War.

  • The Bardstown Museum
  • The Pioneer Village at the Museum

This museum focuses mostly on the war that took place in the Western states, which makes this museum unique.  Among the things here they have a Pioneer Village, which is a reproduction of a colonial village that would've been around between 1776-1820.  In their Woman's Civil War exhibit of the museum, they show the different roles that the women played during the war; many were nurses but some were spies and even soldiers.  They also have many dresses on display to show what the fashion was like back then.

One of their new exhibits is the War Memorial of Mid America which honors soldiers who have fought in the Revolutionary War all the way up to the ones who fought in Iraq. 

The Battle of Bardstown happened on October 4, 1862 and it was the finest hour for the Eighth Texas Calvary.  Today, besides visiting just the museum, guests can visit the mansion where the first Kentucky Confederate flag was flown.   Visitors can also visit Perryville, where one of the bloodiest battle in Kentucky happened, only a short distance away.