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Located on the Oregon Trail, the Legacy of the Plains Museum features an impressive collection of pioneer and early community artifacts, antique tractors, and farm implements; an 80-acre working farm; historic farmstead structures; and striking views of Scotts Bluff National Monument. Come live the timeless stories of the Nebraska prairie.

  • The view from the Oregon Trail!
  • Legacy of the Plains Museum's entire complex, right off the Oregon Trail!
  • Our longhorn herd out grazing!
The Legacy of the Plains Museum was founded by the merging of two museums. The North Platte Valley Museum was opened to the public in 1969 in Gering, Nebraska. Its mission was to preserve the local history of the groups of people that had settled Western Nebraska and traveled through the area on their way west to Oregon, California, Utah, and other places. The other museum, The Farm and Ranch Museum, was founded in 1988, preserved the agricultural heritage of the High Plains. Today the Legacy of the Plains Museum strives to preserve all of the heritage of the region through its exhibits, collections, and archives. 

The Legacy of the Plains Museum's main gallery opened in September 2016. The main gallery consists of seven themes, ranging from ranching to local art. There are many interactive activities for visitors to enjoy, regardless of their age. There's also a blacksmith shop, an annex with historic farm equipment and machinery, and a 1930s/1950s restored homestead house. The museum sits on 80 farmed acres and celebrates an annual Harvest Festival, among other annual activities.