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The Historical Society of Montgomery County’s mission is to preserve, interpret and promote the history of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and to educate the public about the region’s ongoing cultural story. We achieve this mission by: Creating diverse opportunities for the public to engage with Montgomery County’s past and present through programming, publications, exhibitions, a web presence and community outreach. Encouraging the discovery and scholarship of Montgomery County’s history by providing access to a research library, genealogical resources, archival materials, historic photographs and an objects collection. Restoring, preserving and interpreting Historic Montgomery Cemetery. Incorporated in 1848 and owned and maintained by the Historical Society of Montgomery County since 1997, this historic site overlooking the Schuylkill River tells the story of the region through the lives of those interred there. Collaborating with historical, cultural and other community organizations to bring greater recognition to Montgomery County’s history and the many historic sites and historical collections that shape the story of the greater Philadelphia region.

The Historical Society of Montgomery County was formed in 1881 by county residents interested in collecting and sharing the legacy of Montgomery County, PA. Since then, we have continued to support the community’s cultural heritage through preservation, interpretation, and outreach. We offer a research library, small book shop, and exhibitions in our headquarters, and we own and maintain Historic Montgomery Cemetery.