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One of the most famous and influential buildings of Lorain was and still is the Duane Building. The Renaissance Revival building, with its projecting bay windows and sandstone filated pilasters with Corinthian capitals, has such architectural beauty that it “reflects the economic power and optimism of downtown Lorain” in the early 1900s. Built in 1906, the building boasted companies such as Hageman Shoes, Bond Clothing, Stocker Foundation, Driscol Music, Metzger and Robinson Clothing Co., Pagani’s Italian Restaurant, lawyer’s offices, Home Energy Assistance Program, Veard Duane Limited Partnership, and Lorain County Community Action Program. The building attempted to open a miniature golf course for a short time and was heavily damaged in a 2002 fire. The building still stands, occupied, in all its highly ornate and decorated beauty, reminding passersbys that there is still hope in Lorain’s future.