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Formerly the site of the old Century Building, which burned down during a massive fire in 1928, the Gould Block has remained standing since it was built in 1928 by Joe Gould for $225,000. Gould was the president of the People’s Savings Bank and Steel Stamping Co. The building has a terracotta façade with a Neoclassical/Renaissance Revival style. Along the face of the building, there are caduceus symbols because Gould was involved in the health community. Centrally located along Broadway, the Gould Block housed some of the most famous shops to appear in downtown Lorain. During its heyday, shops such as Kline’s Department Store, which was the largest retailer in Lorain County at the time, J.C. Penney, Jupiter Discount Store, Herman-Kirchner furniture store, Sears, and Woolworths all utilized the shops on the block. After being the main focus of attention to downtown dwellers for decades, the building now houses Charleston Coffeehouse instead of a department store.