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This brick building, built in 1910, served as the lodge for the Odd Fellows until 1937 when the lodge merged with the Pythian lodge. The original location was the Walburton home, but the lot was purchased in 1908 for $3,500. This was the first Lorain building constructed solely for a fraternal organization, with buildings such as the Antlers and Eagles following shortly after. The first floor offered two commercial floor spaces, the second floor was a club and billiards room, and the third floor was allocated for lodge purposes only. This building was the only lodge building to survive the 1924 tornado. After the Odd Fellows left, many businesses took over here, such as Hageman Wholesale Grocery, Lorain Auburn Sales Company, Edward Beetler Garage, International Bible Students Association, William C. Edwards Wholesale Grocery, and Kalamazoo Stove and Furnace Company, to name a few. For a while, the American Felsol Co. owned the building and used it for their lab, factory, and offices. The YWCA utilized the structure for a time as well and turned the second floor into a gym. Many businesses resided in the building and helped to spearhead the downtown area to the success that it eventually became. The building is now used by Planned Parenthood, but the American Felsol Co. name is still showing above the door as a remembrance of the history of the building.