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Completed in 1865, the home was built for a local dry goods merchant and his wife. The house may be categorized as a cube-form, picturesque-style, Italianate villa, and it retains most of its original exterior details. The restored colors now on the house duplicate those in place ca. 1870. The property originally included the lot immediately to the east, which included an orchard. A rear addition was completed by the third owner, James T. King, in 1883, who also replaced and enlarged the front porch in 1904. The second owner was Dr. Owen M. Long, a friend of Lincoln, Surgeon on General Grant's staff during the Civil War, and an appointee in 1869 by President Grant as U. S. Consul to Panama. Long served until the third year of the Hayes administration.

  • The John Flack House, June 2017
  • Dr. Owen Moxley Long as taken ca. 1869 by the studio of Mathew Brady in Washington, D.C.
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