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The Adams Cemetery is a cemetery that has been around for many years dating back to the early 1900s as well as family members sill being buried there today. The cemetery is located in Watauga County between the towns of Vilas and Lovill, North Carolina. The cemetery includes the Adams family as well as the Greene family that married into the Adams family. The Adams family members and the Greene family members are resting directly across from Willow Valley Baptist Cemetery.

  • The Adams Cemetery Sign
  • Largest headstone in the cemetery
  • Modern stone with picture
  • Married couple buried together
  • Adams cemetery
  • Cemetery across from Adams Cemetery
  • Willow Valley Baptist Cemetery
The Adams Cemetery located off Adams Cemetery Road is a beautiful hidden treasure. The road takes you past a couple of cabin-style homes that are very up to date and taken care of. That is the same for this cemetery. As you drive up, you ride along a paved road with a gravel area help you turn around. There is a stone sign that says Adams Cemetery with flowers planted along it. Throughout the cemetery, the grass is green and it is apparent that someone is keeping this area in mind and making sure that the area is well kept. Fresh flowers lay near many gravestones. Each gravestone is clean and readable, with some stones even having the person's picture on it.

There are rows and rows of graves at this location dating back to the early to mid 1900s, such as the graves for two daughters buried there from 1934. The main grave stone on the property is about six feet tall and is in the shape of a cross. The grave says "Adams" on it but there is no first name or date. It could possibly be the first member of the Adams family to be laid to rest there and that person could be John Adams. He traveled to North Carolina in order to escape the French.  Next to the huge cross gravestone lays Dean and Martha Adams. There are many stones like this where married couples were buried next to each other in this cemetery. Enoch Greene, who married Elizabeth Adams, also lays there to rest. 

When visiting the loved ones in that cemetery, do not forget to take a look around. The cemetery is surrounded by the rolling hills of the Appalachian. There is a beautiful sunset and well was a little pond nearby.

The Adams family cemetery is one of over 75 family cemeteries in Watauga County, NC. Family cemeteries have played an important role in the lives of families in southern Appalachia, and they continue to serve a role connecting families to their generational homes.

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