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Located at the corner of Monterey and Morro (Moro) Streets, this site has the addresses 887, 891, 893, 895, 897, 899 Monterey Street. In the late 1890s the Pairola Adobe occupied the site. A wood building was later added that became the Liberty Cafe; it was demonished in 1930. A new building, still standing, was built that same year. It has housed a variety of businesses including Alesandrao (Alexander) Pairola (Pairaola, Piarola, Parlaroia) Saloon and Furnished Rooms at 899 Monterey (1905-1925), Gold Room (1945-1955), Larsen's Village Square (1965-1985), and Ann's (1980-2008). Look for a sign in the sidewalk that reads "Pairola Block."

  • 01.01.3583.9 Construction, 1930. History Center of San Luis Obispo County.
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