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The Missionary Union Baptist Church was organized in 1833. The congregation continued to meet until 1867 in the basement of the First Baptist Church. In 1871 they moved to the 5th Avenue location. The building is still used for service today and historic tours are available.

  •  Missionary Union Baptist Church

The Missionary Union Baptist Church was organized in 1833. The Church's primary goal was to maintain a free place of worship for African American freedmen and slaves in the area. The Church is the oldest African American congregation in Northern Mississippi. After the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 the church was officially chartered. However, the congregation continued to meet in the basement of the White Baptist Church. The church finally gained the necessary funds to purchase their own building in 1871. Through the years they continued to add on to the building to grow with the congregation. 

The church was a place of worship for many African American leaders in the Baptist community. Reverend J. F. Boulden both organized the General Baptist Association of Mississippi. He went on to serve in the Lower House of Representatives for the state of Mississippi. Boulden also began the first Republic party campaigns in Northeastern Mississippi. 

The church is currently open for worship. Historical tours can be coordinated for those on pilgrimage.