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James Curtis McCoy and his wife Eunice Dasher McCoy began construction of the motion-picture theater in 1927, directly beside his grandfather's McMechen House Inn in downtown Moorefield, WV. The theater opened on February 16, 1928, showing the silent film, “Wife Saver.” During the World Wars, the theater often interrupted movies for the sale of war bonds. Follwing McCoy's death in 1944, Eunice McCoy continued showing movies until the 1980s when her declining health forced her to close the business. Renovations in the 1980s expanded the stage, removed the orchestra pit, and a lobby was built. McCoy's will called for both the McMechen House Inn and McCoy's Grand Theater to remain unaltered and established the combined museum. Recent renovations reduced the seating capacity by half to just 209 seats. The seats have been replaced as well as carpeting the air conditioning system has been updated. In the retail space that was originally her grandfather-in-law's general store, McCoy's antique collection is proudly displayed as part of the museum. Today, the theater still functions as a community space for live theater performances.